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Gunther Gifts has been an Authorized Leatherman Retailer since 1999. Since that time we have personalized thousands of Leatherman multitools for corporate gifts, safety awards, groomsmen gifts, graduation gifts, gifts, anniversary gifts, you name it! A personalized multi tool makes a useful gift that will last a lifetime. The Leatherman Wave and Leatherman Wingman and Sidekick are hot tools right now.

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Leatherman Tools & Knives

Comparison of the Leatherman Tool Models

Keychain Size / Mini Tools:
The Style (available in red, pink, blue or black) is the smallest, most lightweight Leatherman keychain size tool. The Leatherman Style weighs in at just under one ounce. Then comes the Micra. The Leatherman Micra is a mini tool that you can still put on your keychain but it is twice as heavy as the style (even though it is still only 1.8 oz). The Micra scissor tip, tweezers, small knife, file, screwdriver tips, and bottle opener make this a versatile small tool. Those preferring small plier tips or wire stripping capabilities would look towards the Squirt PS4 and Squirt ES4, respectively. The Leatherman Style starts at $17.95 whereas the Micra starts at $18.95. The Squirt PS4 and Squirt ES4 models start at $27.95. This low price makes these models perfect in cases where you need to buy multiple gifts: groomsmen gifts, graduation gifts, client gifts or holiday gifts.

Entry Level Multi Tools
Those seeking an entry level, affordable Leatherman plier style multitool should look to the Fuse or Blast models. Both the Leatherman Kick and Blast feature a plier tip, can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver tips, wire stripper, wire cutters and clip point knife. The Fuse and Blast models have scissors. The Blast has a small bit driver, wood/metal file and saw. The Kick, Fuse and Blast are priced starting at $29.85, $41.95 and $45.95, respectively. The Kick is touted as “12 tools in 1” whereas the Fuse is “13 tools in 1” and the Blast is “16 tools in 1”. These models are extremely popular as gifts in that $30 to $50 price range.

Mid Range: Oldies But Goodies
The Leatherman Super Tool 300, the Wave, the Crunch and the Surge have been in the Leatherman lineup for quite some time. Over the years they have been improved and slightly redesigned but they continue on due to their popularity. The Crunch’s claim to fame is their functionality as adjustable locking pliers. The Super Tool 300 would be Superman’s choice since it is one of Leatherman’s beefiest models for the toughest jobs. The Wave is Leatherman’s most popular model and was made famous by its outside-accessible blades that can be deployed with just one hand. The Surge is a real powerhouse as it is built with Leatherman’s largest pliers, the longest multitool blades and easy-to-use locks. Pricing of the Mid Range Leatherman models starts at $69.85.

High Tech, Lightweight  Handles
The Style CS is another small size tool in the Leatherman family. Its unique handle design is what keeps it light. The unique carabiner allows you to clip it on to a pack or bag so you have a scissor, file, knife, tweezers, bottle opener and mini-screwdriver with you wherever you go. Leatherman Style CS pricing starts at $22.95.

The Skeletool and Skeletool CX sport a similar look and design to the Style CS. At a mere 5 oz. the Leatherman Skeletool has been a hot item for those that like to backpack, hike,or camp. The carabiner and large blade are indispensible. The CX has a fine edge clip point knife whereas the blade on the regular Skeletool is a combination blade. The CX uses carbon fiber handle inserts instead of aluminum like the regular Skeletool.

Juice It Up
The Juice line of Leatherman Multi Tools offers a lot of tools in a compact, sleek package. The Leatherman Juice line’s largest, fully equipped tool is the Xe6, a step down is the Cs4, then comes the S2 and C2. In general, the Cs4 shines as the most popular of this line as it is right in the middle in terms of features and price. Leatherman Juice models range from $38.95 to $70.95.

Leatherman MUT and Duty Specific Tools
In general, those seeking multitools for a military purpose need black tools. Black tools are preferred as they are non-reflective. A shiny stainless steel finish tool would reflect and draw attention to the user. Leatherman has added a special crimping feature in the plier tips for the Leatherman MUT EOD and Super Tool 300 EOD. The “EOD” stands for “Explosive Ordinance Disposal” and are used by the military and civilians that deal with such devices. The Leatherman MUT is not all black and does not have the crimper in the pliers. It would be considered to be a general purpose firearm maintenance tool. Pricing on these specialty Leatherman tools ranges from about $90 to $159.85.

Customer Comments: I needed to get 10 identical Leatherman multi tools with 10 different engravings for groomsmen gifts. Although I was engaged for 13 months, I ordered the gifts 2 weeks before the wedding. They helped me select items that were in stock and shipped them next day air on my UPS account. 

I expressed to them how time sensitive the gifts were and they told me that it would take a week. Well, it didn't take a week. It took one day. I am pretty sure they shipped them either the day I ordered or the day after. They got them out so fast and they were all done perfectly. My groomsmen loved them.

When I originally called Leatherman Corporate to ask which dealer to use, they only recommended Gunther Gifts. They were right. This is definitely the company to use for this type of product. I will use them again when the opportunity arises. Thanks for your great work!!!  I. Lichtenstein - Chicago, IL
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