Smart Money Clip

Smart Money Clip

Product Description

This engravable money clip is an innovative twist on an old favorite. It is constructed from a single piece of high-tech stainless steel and will retain its spring tension for the life of the product. It will hold up to five credit cards and 30 bills.

Most money clips hold paper money only, but the Smart Money Clip is one step ahead of the rest of the money clips on the market. We know you need to carry your ATM card, driver's license and other cards too.

Perfect for corporate gifts, safety awards and groomsmen gifts.

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Smart Money Clip

Groom's Story:

I guess you could say I'm the type of man that fights the norm in society. I do not like leather wallets. No bi-fold or tri-fold wallet for me. I have my driver's license, my American Express card, my VISA debit card, and my cash. That's it.

My friend Ed is a truck driver and I always laugh at him when I see him pull out his wallet. I'm not exaggerating here - it is about 2 or 2 1/2" thick! He keeps business cards, notes, grocery store cards, club cards, his library card, PetSmart card, every card imagineable in that thing. He has cards he hasn't used in a year in there. I think he really needs to pare down to the basics, or maybe get himself a "man purse". It's crazy.

It was because of my good friend Ed that I decided to give money clips as groomsmen gifts for my upcoming wedding in September. Ed has got to simplify his life and leave all those extra cards in his desk or in a box and only retrieve them when absolutely necessary.

I thought the smart money clip was "smart"! First I saw regular money clips, but I didn't think pushing credit cards and cash underneath the clip all the time would be good for the plastic. In my opinion, a money clip is meant to only carry cash. The smart money clip was specifically designed to also carry credit cards or debit cards. This card fit my needs at an affordable price. It is, for all practical purposes, a money clip with a twist - it was designed to also carry credit cards. To me that was exactly what I was looking for.

Mitch - Manhasset, New York
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