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An engraved gift is a special gift. When you add personalization to a gift, it adds so much feeling and meaning to the item. If you’ve ever received a customized gift, you know how thoughtful such a gift can be. The giver added extra thinking and time into your present because they really wanted to please you and make you happy. Engraved gifts are so sentimental and sweet. They are truly appreciated and cherished for years. It is so wonderful to feel fussed over by engraved gifts.

If you’re searching for an engraved gift for a man, you have a lot of unique choices that are guaranteed to be a hit. Gunther Gifts has been providing personalized gifts for important people since 1999. We know what guys like. See below for our top engraved gift ideas for men:

Top 10 Engraved Gift Ideas for Men:

  1. Liquor flasks. This is a favorite of the younger crowd. Carry your own alcohol with you to any event where you think there might be a limited bar, expensive drinks or no alcohol. Bring your own flask filled with your favorite liquor for maximum fun. Most flasks are made of stainless steel which easily lends itself to being personalized with names, monograms or initials for a personal touch.
  2. Glassware. Everyone uses glasses. Whether your favorite drink is beer, soda, juice, water or sports drinks, you’ll love having a big 25 ounce glass mug with your name engraved on it. What word is sweeter than your own name? It feels good to pick up a glass with your own name on it. Wine glasses, shot glasses, glass mugs and rocks glasses are all glasses that a man can use in his own home bar. Engraved gifts of glassware are always welcome.
  3. Pocket watches. Pocket watches are making a comeback. They are one of those presents that no one would ever think to buy themselves, but when someone gets one they think it’s a neat gift. A pocket watch is a throwback to simpler times. It’s an old school twist on a modern item that is quite popular as wedding party gifts. Give engraved gifts with an old fashioned flair for a surprising and cool angle.
  4. Money clips. Money clips as engraved gifts are cool. Sometimes you don’t want to carry around a fat leather wallet. If you want to travel light, you go for your money clip. All you really need is some cash, a credit card and your driver’s license. Everything else is just bulking up your pocket. And since money clips are typically carried in a front pocket, they are much more secure than behind you in easy-access back pocket.
  5. Baseball bats and balls. Genuine Rawlings Big League baseball bats are practical and special as engraved gifts. Whether it’s as a groomsman gift or birthday engraved gift, a customized bat can be used to mark a milestone in someone’s life such as wedding date, birthday, graduation or holiday. These laser engraved gifts are done with a laser burning a mark directly onto the surface of the bat or ball for an interesting  appearance. These sporty engraved gifts will be a home run every time.
  6. Leatherman multitools. Engraved gifts that are practical are even more appreciated. Every man can use a tool. Whether it be an engraved Micra for his keychain or a full size multi tool such as the Wave for his toolbox, when you personalize a Leatherman tool it’s more likely to stick around when it has your name on it. There is nothing more frustrating than lending your tool to someone and then you never get it back. When your name is engraved on it, your chances are so much better that your engraved item will be returned to you.
  7. Zippo lighters. Smokers and non-smokers alike love Zippo lighters. Popular since WWII, these lighters have personality! 1000’s of colorful designs as well as the traditional chrome or brass make Zippo a gift that is sure to delight. Many times guys or gals give Zippo lighters as engraved gifts to their wedding party or to friends for birthdays. Made in the United States, Zippo is a little piece of Americana that fits in your pocket.
  8. Cigar holders. On special occasions, it’s cool to hand out cigars to your buddies. Whether it is for your wedding or for the birth of your first child, hand out engraved gifts of cigar tubes. You’ll be giving a nice cigar to be enjoyed immediately and a cigar holder to be used for years.
  9. Pub signs. Personalized pub signs with colorful graphic allow you to match a gift recipient’s personality to his engraved gift. Hunting scene, martini glass, beach scene, car motif, pool table them and more are available. Matching coasters can be added for a complete bar package. Starting in the low $30’s, these unique engraved gifts take personalization to a whole new level. You’ll never forget the smile on your loved one’s face when they unwrap such a thoughtful gift.
  10. Pocket knives. Some man love carrying pocket knives with them daily. It’s so fun to be the hero and whip out your pocket knife when someone is struggling to open a box that just came in the mail. Engraved gifts of Gerber knives or Buck knives will satisfy all tastes in pocket knives from the traditional bone handle knife to tactical military styling.

If one of our top 10 personalized engraved gifts ideas doesn’t work for you, please browse our categories to the left for more engraved gift ideas. Other ideas include engraved gift pens, license plate frames, wallets, cufflinks, and desk clocks. You'll never go wrong when you give engraved gifts. Just make sure you have the spelling correct!

Gunther Gifts has engraved gifts for all the men on your gift list at affordable pricing. Engraved gifts, in general, make especially excellent choices for groomsmen gifts as weddings are so important in one’s life. We make it easy to personalize affordable engraved gifts for the men in your life right here at

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