Gunther Gifts is currently running a free gift promotion. Our goal is to collect interesting stories from our customers to enhance our website. Everyone loves to read about things other people have experienced. We want to learn and maybe a laugh a little. And we want to share your stories and wisdom with new brides and grooms as they embark on their new lives together.

Email your story to It must be a minimum of 200 words please. If we use it on we will send you a free prize. It's as simple as that. Be sure to include your name and address in the email with your story so I know where to send your free gift to!

Suggestions for stories:
1. How did you meet your spouse?
2. How did you propose?
3. Where did you get married? What made the location special to you?
4. Did someone get crazy drunk at the wedding?
5. Did you get cuckoo at someone else's wedding?
6. Funny stories from the bachelor/bachelorette party.
7. What were your wedding vows?
8. What did you pick as groomsmen gifts and why?
9. What did you pick as bridesmaid gifts and why?
10. How much planning went into your wedding?
11. Any tips for new brides and grooms?
12. Use your imagination!

Submission of a story gives us permission to use story on the website or in print. We look forward to your stories!

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